Extermination Services

Blue Heron began as a commercial arm of a traditionally residential company. Our roots were in the customer service industry, because the residential pest control business is really a service business. We were also very familiar with safety regulations and concerns about chemical treatments out of the gate.

This gave us a significant edge in 1992 when we began offering organic and chemical-free pest treatment before anyone else in the New York City area. We are proud of our heritage and our founder, Dev Patel. He instructed us to always tend to the customer, and remember that some people are afraid of pests, and we have always kept that in mind.

When we entered the corporate market with our customer focused approach, others thought that we could not last. The sheer amount of time that we take with our customers, establishing their priorities and their needs, is at least three times what our nearest competitor takes. However, we have always been convinced that it’s not possible to satisfy a customer unless you know what the customer expects.

Bringing together our knowledge of pest control, the industry standards, safety expectations, and an awareness of how to handle customers, we were able to prove our critics wrong. We have been going strong in New York City and the nearby boroughs and do not plan to stop any time soon!

Services offered by Blue Heron pest control include:

Bed bug evaluation, treatment and removal services


An honest and cost effective approach includes a first pass evaluation for evidence that bed bugs might be on the premises. This is done before we treat, saving the customer time and money. Disposal services and treatment are offered as an option, regardless of the findings of the evaluation.

Monthly pest control services for commercial and residential clients

services2Ongoing treatment needs are just a fact of life in New York City. There are so many of us, and so many pests, in such a small space! Getting the balance right takes a few different approaches. We can meet your expectations even if you want organic treatment, which is hard to find in NYC.