Here’s what we know about pests and pest control…

The fact of the matter is, there are some pests that aren’t going away. Our culture is so attuned to what we can do to change a situation that we are not always open to the idea that a situation won’t be changed.

Moving things around doesn’t change the distribution of things, and in effect that’s a lot of what pest control technicians do: they encourage pests to move to another area.

This is sort of pest gentrification. Killing all of the pests is not possible. Moving them to someone else’s back yard is.

Feeling his way through his initial company’s release, Dev Patel Pest Control was focused on giving clients a thorough understanding of their options and what various types of treatments could be expected to produce. The information overload that some clients experienced was a surprise to Dev and his technicians.

He redesigned the platform and instead provided his clients with just enough news to understand what the industry was suggesting, and to make informed choices. Dev Patel had the best educated and best served customers in the business, and Blue Heron was developed to ensure that heritage carried forward into the commercial client’s experience.

The facts about pest control are simple. Pests will always exist.

There will always be nuisance animals and insects that make our days a little less than perfect. Those are not the concern of the true pest management professional. Pests which impact the health and livelihood of a person are the worry, and there are cultures where pests are a serious and unending impact on health. Pest management specialists make sure that the right chemicals and barriers and complementary alternative methods are in place to keep the dangerous pests at bay.

They do it with the care and concern for the people they are helping. They do it with care and love for the planet, and a desire to use as little chemical treatment as possible while still achieving results. There are plenty of reasons to be frustrated with pests. Dev Patel developed a company that minimizes those reasons.

Here’s a video with some interesting facts about pest control…

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