About Us

patel When the world was terrified of the bed bug epidemic, Blue Heron knew what to do. New York’s bed bug experts, Blue Heron leverages the best research in the industry to bring solutions for key pest control problems. The residential customer will love the personalized approach and customer service Blue Heron is known for. Landlords and corporate tenants are thrilled at Blue Heron’s level of documentation and our approach to follow up until each situation is completely handled.

Blue Heron was established as an off-shoot of Dev Patel’s Pest Control in 1987, handling some of New York City’s biggest and best pest control problems with panache.

Blue Heron was set up to be the corporate arm of Dev’s residential business, and rapidly expanded throughout the city. Handling over two million customers since 1987, Blue Heron is one of the world’s leading pest control companies.

Dev’s leadership and outlook permeate the business even today. The family still looks in from time to time to make sure we are handling the customer’s expectations appropriately, and certainly is a key touchpoint for our growth and investment endeavors.

At Blue Heron, we were proud to honor Dev’s memory by attacking the bed bug epidemic as hard as we could, with the best technology, the best employees, and the right processes. Solving scary pest control problems has always been our specialty – now we are able to say that we tackled one the world was worried about, and we made New York a safer place because of it.